Nobody's EP

by Sam Brawn

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For once I have not bitten off more than I could chew. I have bitten off just the right amount and I am chewing well.

Six songs for those lost in the wilderness.

Make desert places blossom.


released July 10, 2013

All music written and performed by Sam Brawn
All words written by Sam Brawn except 'Too Old To Be Told', written by Simon Jared

Feel free to download this album for absolutely nothing. I just want you to have it. If you do choose to contribute that would be extra wonderful and I will put any money I make towards getting some recording equipment which isn't for toddlers or from the stone age.



all rights reserved


Sam Brawn Hampshire, UK

My name is Sam Brawn. I am a musician of sorts. I try and make things sound different, but with over 7 billion people in the world (and let's say 800,000,045 of these are musicians) that is sometimes difficult.

Nevertheless, I spend every shower and bedtime thinking and writing and humming so that I might give you something new.

Thank you for listening. You are quite wonderful friends.

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Track Name: Wild Blue
You were the snake
Telling me to love her
You curled your tongue
Around my heart

All alone in the Garden of Eden
My Valentine
She was a fruit to behold

In the wild blue
(Make desert places blossom)
(Maid of mine you are)
(Queen of the earth
My love)

Squeezing the smoke
From your old cigarillo
Kissing the lipstick
Off the rim of your glass

I found love in the Garden of Eden
She took my eyes and
She laid me down

[chorus to fade]
Track Name: To The Wine Bar
Gold spilling out on the waterway
Kids lining up along the bank to play
Oh what a picture
I blinked and a missed you uh huh

Steam spilling out of the dragon's nose
One for the road and away we go
Laughing in the wine bar
A son of my father I am

There's a pretty girl who hides behind
The smallest of the taps it's a London Pride
She drew me a picture
I blinked and I missed her uh huh

Happiness in a bottle
Happiness in a glass
Happiness in the way you laugh
To the wine bar
To the wine bar
To the wine bar we shall go

She was the child with the sunken eyes
A shot in the arm and the second prize
Hey what's your number
I'll see you in the wine bar uh huh

Don't leave me here in the trench to die
Too far away to hear the chorus girls cry
Have another drink sir
I blinked and I missed her uh huh


Come on, we're a force at work
Come on, I'm the last place you'll look
Get out, I've got a life to lead
Get out, just pack your bags and leave
Track Name: Nobody's Song
One more for the road
Man I feel blue
The longest journey I ever rode
Don't you feel a little twinkle
From a distant star?
How cold and sad you are

You catch fire too easily
You can't walk on the water
She may just be a nobody
But she's a proud man's daughter

Now we're all alone
Breathe in the darkness
I'm feeling pretty lucid but I'm far from home
And I will still be dancing with a broken heart
How cold and sad you are

You catch fire too easily
You can't walk on the water
It's time to get some therapy
I am not your doctor
She may be a nobody
But she's a proud man's daughter

Well if through love we can save
Then you can save your breath
From when your eyes scowl
To the hour of death
If you're gonna ride the wave then ride it
Ride it to the grave

From the bottom of my black boot sole soul
I can see the world
It's a sticky mess of holes
Where the light burns through
Burns through
And makes its sweet hole in you
You untouchable pearl

You teasy little tricky girl
You love it when I curse the world
I stamp your name on the earth every time
I birth a new song about us

I am a free bird
I am as free as a bird
Track Name: Start A Fire
Where the hell am I you ask
I am gone and I'm not coming back
Two long years I walk the earth
No phones, no pets, no cigarettes
The working man covers the world in snow
So start a fire
Wherever you go

In the cold bright sun of winter
In the rivers and the rain
I am headed to Alaska
And I'm not coming back again
You'll find me
In my magic bus

(Hi there little rainbow
You're the apple of my eye
When you're higher than the weather
Alexander Supertramp
You're a brave man and I'll miss you)

Take a ride with this wise man
Look around but don't look back
So lay your head where the wind will blow
And start a fire
Wherever you go


In warm light of the summer
In the mountains and the mist
I am going to Alaska
And I am never coming back
You'll find me
In my magic bus
Track Name: Too Old To Be Told
I’m a few years older than
you thought I’d be by now
but you should have known
my hair would grow grey.

That doesn’t bother me,
you force yourself to say
though I can see through
nostalgia-glazed eyes.

And all you see in me
Is the man I used to be
Before the world
Leaned its heavy years
On my shoulder
And all you see in me
Is the tragedy
Of what it means
To grow older.

There’s a remembrance etched
into your retina
which tells the sad story of a man
with a melancholy gaze.

You’ve a dark spot baby
in the middle of each eye
which unravels all you say
about what you see.


One foot in front of the other
You're too old to be told

One foot in front of the other
You're too old to be told
Track Name: Sleep Tight Little Moonbeam
Sleep tight little moonbeam
You're the cat who got the cream
She came out in her new dress
All aglow and all a mess
A bright light from an open grave
See the way she forms the waves

Standing where you left me
Lost in sunshine found in rain
Hollywood is waiting for me
You can dream too easily

To cut a long story into eighths
Think of all the beautiful things we hate
One day we will run away
One day, one day

Sleep tight little moonbeam
All the skin the planets shed
Check out baby's dress now
Dark and soiled and black and blue
You fall down and you stay down
In the mud where you belong


You felt for me in darkness
To vanish is what I do best
You came to me on your wedding day
You said I can't do it
Let's run away